The Modern Age by The Strokes

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Rolling in the ocean, Trying to catch her eye

eclipse 22 Oct 2014

The most chill song ever written.

EoinSheahan 11 Jun 2012

"Stop to pretend / Stop pretending / It seems this game is simply never ending / Oh in the sun sun having fun!"

sneaktheowl 8 Sep 2013

"The Modern Age" by @thestrokes is our weekend jam. #SaltAirSoundtrack

SaltAirVenice 13 Jun 2014

Stop to pretend, stop pretending   4

malevolosidade 23 May 2015

"My vision's clearer now, but I'm unafraid." The songs from Is This It will never get old; they were made with nostalgia from the very beginning.

coobatis 17 May 2014