You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover by The Strypes

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Catchy skillful Blues / Brit Rock by a group of teenage northern Irish boys. Yeah. New favorites.

kylehorner 21 Mar 2014

These guys remind me of Dr Feelgood at their best

mrc 20 Feb 2015

Bit of old-skool R&B from these sickeningly talented teenagers #retro

Scrambledegg71 21 Oct 2013

#RejamSunday well how else am I supposed to follow #PunkWeek? I think this will suffice!   3

Cornishson73 29 Sep 2013

You CAN judge a band by the COVERS they do - see what I did there?

IanDempsey 19 Apr 2012

#IrishJam No. 4 - How can four lads from Cavan sound like the sweaty subterranean dream of 60s RnB? It's an Incredible Bo Diddley cover too.   4

d0minic 18 Jun 2013