Stoned Love by The Supremes


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Post Ross-era Supremes. Brilliant.   3

staticstudios 29 Jun 2013

Feeling a little bit Fridayish already . . . .time to liven up and dance around the front room before work!   19

lindatee 17 Jan 2014

Bit of Supremes for a Saturday aft. Why not! #stonedlove   1

TheKatePaterson 17 Aug 2013

Don't you hear the wind blowin'...

mickymhy 4 May 2015

My last few jams will be less obvious tracks by artists/bands that are extra special to me and have soundtracked my life; starting with this....

hughesrt 1 Sep 2015

Originally written and recorded as "Stone Love," but during the process of mixing and releasing, it was mislabeled as "Stoned Love". The Supremes with Jean Terrell on lead vocals   11

DavidAnderson 18 Jun 2015