The Happening by The Supremes


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This is my favorite Supremes song. They were a very talented group, and I love their sound.   2

MusicalMichiru 4 Jul 2013

Yeah, riding high on top of the world.

helloerica 14 Jan 2012

I woke up with this chirpy heartbreak song in my head. Nothing wrong with that! . . . Hey life look at me, I can see the reality . . . There is something seriously wrong with the horizontal hold on the vid!   15

lindatee 5 Sep 2015

#motownweek   1

baldygit 30 Sep 2013

So this week, I want to tell life, to look at me, because I can see the reality, cause when you shook me, took me out of my world and I woke up, suddenly I just woke up…

TimeHorse 28 Jan 2014

Another golden sound from The Supremes #HopeYouLikeIt   2

jovisgoesnuts 4 Sep 2014