Up The Ladder To The Roof by The Supremes


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Dkayling 2 Oct 2013

Only in SF - getting chased off a rooftop because we're disturbing the yoga class on the floor below. We were just trying to 'see heaven much better'

fabrider 21 Feb 2014

Come with me, and we shall run across the sky and illuminate the night.   7

lindatee 8 Nov 2014

Another record that showed how great the Ross-less Supremes still were even if no-one at Motown seemed to care much...   11

newley 11 Apr 2015

Just because Diana Ross left the Supremes, didn't mean that they stopped having hits. They were still cracking the Top 10 with tracks like this one, with Jean Terrell as the lead singer.   1

chuckthewriter 6 Dec 2014

Diana who?

jamesholmes19 2 Sep 2014