Ball Of Confusion by The Temptations

“And the band played on...”

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And the band played on...

callekid 13 Aug 2015

A great song which captured the turbulence of the late 60's from one of Motowns greats. The beginning of the break from the pop love songs of Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson that gets less recognition than those of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.   5

gingrich1 20 Feb 2014

Thank you Krusty 70s.

plowohio 23 Feb 2012

"Just a ball of confusion. Oh yeah, that's what the world is today"   3

ZosoIVRayuela 26 May 2013

This about sums it up tonight better than I could.

grayflannelsuit 25 Nov 2014

"you sure can't hide."   2

lisajanepersky 16 Apr 2013