Papa Was a Rolling Stone by The Temptations

“"It was the third of September..."”

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"It was the third of September..."   4

DrLooBallsEsq 3 Sep 2015

#FunkyFriday. Keeping in that "deep down and dirty" NYC kinda groove......... with some fab moves as a bonus!! Get your pink suit on and join me on the Dancefloor!   29

BeeBee 18 Oct 2013

(I know it's a cliché but I'm going to say it anyway) Timeless classic. p.s. apologies for the 'single edit' version, it was the only one available.   15

Bukowski 9 Feb 2015

#MotownWeek : 12 minutes of pure bliss... Beyond compare   23

MyBlueElephant 2 Oct 2013

...the full twelve minutes. Because you're worth it...   4

ZenPyramid 2 Apr 2012

Here we go ....... We all know the tune,but we may not know the dance!!   3

BeeBee 24 Jan 2013