The Beat(en) Generation by The The


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Thank heavens we've sorted all these issues out in the ~quarter-century since Matt Johnson wrote this song, is all I can say...   2

thesunneversets 17 Mar 2014

80's jams continued.... #GoingDownJamming #LongLivetheJams   5

christineb 12 Sep 2015

Like most The The material it seems even more relevant now than when released which is sad really.   1

emsquare_d 2 Apr 2013

Never more apt or accurate

JoFlaherty100 26 Aug 2013

"Reared on a diet of prejudice & misinformation........." @thethe Matt Johnson makes Nostradamus look like Bobby Davro.

drumting 9 May 2015

I go in and out of love with this song, sometimes thinking it is too obvious and simple...but it's working now.

laerm 30 Apr 2014