All Tomorrow's Parties by The Velvet Underground

“the voice, the gait, the feels.”

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the voice, the gait, the feels.

ofe 16 Jan 2015

Does it get any better than this?   7

lukeduggan2006 3 May 2013

Apparently I'm staying in the Sixties forever. Happy birthday, Lou.   1

BryantD 2 Mar 2012

Strike a Warhol pose this weekend.   13

Bukowski 4 Jan 2013

Wanted to jam the version by Lou Reed on the very interesting live album "Animal Serenade" recorded in 2003 but "The System" wouldn't let me! Anyway here is the classic. Have a great weekend.   16

Axol 24 Jul 2015

Thanks for everything, Lou. Especially "All Tomorrow's Parties". A song (possibly THE song) that changed my young life.

theremina 27 Oct 2013