Foggy Notion by The Velvet Underground

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but mcfontaine was first  

i got my calamine lotion baby

yourfriendmax 31 May 2014

I got a foggy notion, do it again.

werkandplay 14 Jan 2014

the song that made me want to play guitar

mcfontaine 13 Dec 2011

Recorded in the late 60s but not officially released until the mid 80s after being among an albums worth of tracks recorded and forgotten about when they changed record labels. Very nearly a lost classic.   2

dmk21 23 Jun 2015

Everything I love about rock and roll was either invented, refined, or perfected by the Velvet Underground. When Lou Reed sang "you know my life was saved by rock and roll," it felt like he was whispering in my ear, like we shared the most sacred bond, and it was a salvation as pure and honest as any. Farewell, Lou. Linger on. #rip #loureed

feedandseed 27 Oct 2013

for a foggy day...   1

H185MAN 25 Jun 2015