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my favorite band. I wish that I would have had the opportunity to see them perform live.   2

TomSchneitter 23 May 2013

#7. The Earth-shaking, cosmos-battering, planet-swallowing Sister Ray. Armed with 3 chords, the Velvets set about smashing preconceived limits of vulgarity.   6

lukeduggan2006 28 May 2013

Oh no you shouldn't do that! Don't you know you'll stain the carpet?

primusdead 27 Jun 2015

Time to sort this eternal jam business, and only one song will do. My all-time rock and roll heroes.   7

aHandfulOfRain 26 May 2015

Coffee on a late Sunday morning

parcheesi336 29 Mar 2015

You know you shouldn't do that

Axol 25 Jan 2013