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but fangus was first  

Sparse yet rich   7

isajward919 21 Oct 2014

I've seen a lot of Perfect Days and Sunday Mornings, but my fave VU album is White Light/White Heat so here's my tribute. It's not really a's a spoken word short story in one ear with a jam session in the other. It's one of the few songs ever to make me laugh. Surely the first truly alternative band, and they're one of the best RIP Lou   5

mjgBZ32 29 Oct 2013

This is the track that got me into VU, thanks to the Annie Nightingale Sunday Night Radio Show back in the 80s   4

andyknightesq 28 Aug 2012

"Suddenly, rough hands gripped his package..."   2

derekahmedzai 13 Feb 2013

Getting more and more into The Velvets. Particularly this one, a short story by Lou Reed set to music and narrated by a deadpan John Cale.

JackAConnell 16 Mar 2014

waldo jeffers had reached his limit   1

vivakafka 15 May 2014