What Goes On [Live] by The Velvet Underground

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Baby be good, do what you should, it'll work out all right.

samhumphries 25 Jun 2012

After watching Lou Reed Remembered on BBC Four, well it couldn't be anything else really could it ...

mcfontaine 15 Dec 2013

it's Aaaaaaaaaa LIVE   1

raggamuffin33 23 Jan 2013

I think I can play the organ solo. And for like hours at a time.

cz 13 Dec 2013

R.I.P Lou, I can pretty much remember where I was when I heard most of your music for the first time. This one blew me away!

raal 28 Oct 2013

Another for Lou, this time from 1969: The Velvet Underground Live. Just unrelenting & so good to play. #RIPLouReed

mcfontaine 3 Nov 2013