What Goes On by The Velvet Underground

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Last jam, forever jam. 'What Goes On' by VU

mrspete 26 Sep 2015

I've probably "Loved" this song tens of times on Jam without listening, but when it came on the radio today - "LOVE" more than ever before!   7

Matan 24 Jul 2015

1K. Thanks for checking them out.   2

stiofandafyyd 31 Jan 2015

Been trying for months to find a version of My Eternal Jam to upload - and finally on Xmas Day I found one!  Merry Christmas to Me (& to you Folks).   5

ian38018 25 Dec 2014

So TIMJ is to be no more. That is a real pity for I feel I have encountered a number of like-minded souls, been introduced to some music I would never have otherwise listened to, and have even made a number of friends (albeit of the virtual kind). So I shall play out with what I regard to be the finest piece of Rock 'n' Roll ever recorded:   8

ian38018 10 Aug 2015

Still my favourite song :)

Chocobo_sage 21 Aug 2015