Angela Surf City by The Walkmen


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I was holding onto you for a lack of anything to do.

day 16 Apr 2012

Over to the East Coast and out of Jonathan Fire*Eater there's a rattling good drum...

JAM_ChrisM 7 Mar 2014

I recently watched Seven Psychopaths, and as well as Tom Waits playing one of the said psychopaths, there were TWO songs by The Walkmen in it. This made me happy. This was one of them.

underhandrea 29 Jun 2013

Cool little jam featured in Seven Psychopaths.

DanGonzalez 8 Feb 2013

yes, I'm on a Walkmen kick. this song nearly overloaded my circuits at Sasquatch. intense, from the heart.   1

setholdham 7 Jun 2012

This whole album is nice. This jangly guitar that evokes steeel drums.

kafkaesque 7 Dec 2012