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Thanks to AndyWilkinson for reminding me to check out this band a while ago. Seamonsters is a beast.   2

Monzo_Maharal 24 Feb 2013

"And you can't have not known, I'd be here on my own"

raal 12 Aug 2014

about time i posted these guys. favorite song by one of my all-time favorite bands.   1

tonymunch 26 Feb 2014

i scare u

onlineatron 6 Oct 2014

They're currently touring my fave album of theirs, the bitter blistering Steve Albini produced Seamonsters   10

jaxxon 11 Nov 2012

Rough and ready and catchy, from 1991 but could've been any decade since the 80s. Gedgetastic!   1

houseonfireblog 24 Feb 2012