My Favourite Dress by The Wedding Present


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but Gordon was first  

Glorious.   4

UncannyUK 5 Oct 2013

For a certain kind of Weddoes fan (including me), it doesn't get much better than this #LastJams #JamWhileWeCan #GoingDownJamming   2

pip 24 Sep 2015

I was grinning from ear to ear when they played this on Saturday. Of course they played this. My favourite song by The Wedding Present. Had a great time at Great Portland Street gig #C86 .  Quick shout out for Des!gn who played The Chesterf!elds wonderfully. Just seemed like The Chesterf!elds with a female singer and some volume. Fab.

PartyTearsFew 16 Jun 2014

It even has the crackle of vinyl at the start - love, love, love, love, love   2

NickMilligan 12 Feb 2013

My most-played artist over the last 10 years (and probably the previous 10 years and the 10 before that). The Wedding Present! Poor sound quality, but great song...   5

Rocklobster 13 Apr 2014

We go waaaay back.

GingerBiw 12 Nov 2014