My Favourite Dress by The Wedding Present

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but Gordon was first  

Glorious.   4

UncannyUK 5 Oct 2013

We go waaaay back.

GingerBiw 12 Nov 2014

For a certain kind of Weddoes fan (including me), it doesn't get much better than this #LastJams #JamWhileWeCan #GoingDownJamming   2

pip 24 Sep 2015

W is for the Wedding Present. I adore this! #ABCsofme   16

abigail.deeks 20 Dec 2014

If you only had two weeks left to live, would you go out with a bang or a whimper? I saw the Wedding Present quite a few times in the 80s and 90s, from an audience of 40 at Enot's Social Club to 40,000 at Reading Festival. They used to play this as an encore, with an extended outtro that could extend the song by 10 minutes. When my friend gave me a guitar, this was the only thing I wanted to learn to play. This will always be My Favourite Dress.

dbini 5 Sep 2015

My most-played artist over the last 10 years (and probably the previous 10 years and the 10 before that). The Wedding Present! Poor sound quality, but great song...   5

Rocklobster 13 Apr 2014