Step Into Christmas by The Wedding Present


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Countdown to Christmas! Happy Tuesday Friends   2

jimleatherman 16 Dec 2014

Figured I'd do some Christmas songs for once. In 1992, The Wedding Present released a single every month and all of them made the UK Top 40. The B-side of each 7" housed a cover song, and December's offering was this version of Elton John's "Step Into Christmas".

ryangibbs 22 Dec 2013

Festive tune no. 9 is The Wedding Present covering Fat Reg's Step in to Christmas   2

AndyWilkinson 18 Dec 2012

Currently my favorite indie rock christmas song.

kenobicommaben 25 Dec 2013

I like the original by Elton Wharfedale but this version is topping

badmachinery 21 Dec 2011

'Tis the season etc. etc.

NotRealistic 23 Dec 2013