You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends by The Wedding Present


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ferocious bandura jam   2

pranger 28 Jul 2015

Good advice in a great early Wedding Present track   4

StillHonest1 10 Mar 2013

I'm in Fleetwood!

sambeckwith 7 Jun 2012

Cheers to everyone who came to see us last night.   2

pablotrivia 19 Oct 2013

Not sure how many more jams I'll be able to fit in before it all goes. Have looked at LetsLoop but that feels a bit "busy " for my tastes, lacking the "you had one job" simplicity of TIMJ. Think I might just tweet future jams with the #TIMJ hashtag, what do you think? There's a link in my profile to my Twitter feed, if you're interested. Might see you there?   2

pip 20 Aug 2015