Earned It by The Weeknd

starprince’s jam on 13 Apr ’15 (See all)

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but sliptothevoid was first  

Hate the book/movie, love the song.

kelsey357 17 Jan 2015


McRaul55 18 Feb 2015

i don't even care this came from the 50 shades soundtrack

coriander 29 Apr 2015

Just cracked the book cover on a xmas gift #fiftyshadesofgrey and getting ready to see this major #ladyboner in #Vegas #theweeknd #noshame

emhubbard77 1 Jan 2015

Cause girl you're perfect You're always worth it And you deserve it

slythice 18 Aug 2015

On that lonely night You said it wouldn't be love But we felt the rush It made us believe it there was only us Convinced we were broken inside, inside

MarianAR 24 Mar 2015