Montreal by The Weeknd


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I'm going on a lil road trip to Montreal this weekend and I am so happy to be getting out of town, even if it's for a cruelly ephemeral time. I'm not the hugest Weeknd fan although there was a period in 2012 when his music was all I listened to. I appreciate the risks he takes when he sings. His isn't the strongest of voices - especially in a genre which has some of the best singers on earth - but he has something remarkable. It might just be that he loves what he does and it shows. Enjoy!   2

maksuud 7 Feb 2015

Stuck in my head.

justplainscott 16 Oct 2014

makes my heart go pitter-patter

marie_says 13 Feb 2012

Stuck in my head this am.

justplainscott 18 Jun 2014

And it could have went so many ways, so many ways it can go.

simonides 27 Jan 2014

I love The Weeknd's voice and I'm really loving the French in this song ㅎ

woon 5 May 2015