The Hills by The Weeknd


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This song hits hard and swallows you up with its slow, heavy bass that is emphasized with the eccentrics that come along with it. The result is a tidal wave of warm champagne that overwhelms the senses with a sense of comfort and numbness while at the same time a slight ping of remorse. The soulful voice paired with the heavy hearted lyrics coupled with brutal honesty captivates and elevates this song to an instant favorite.

clearskyy 22 Sep 2015

One of my faves off the new LP.

s2martin 4 Sep 2015

uhhhhh the weeknd

marie_says 10 Sep 2015

Halloween panty-dropper.

xnnxlxsx 25 Sep 2015

I don't know why I like this song, but I do...

lagerdeluxo 15 Jul 2015