Blue Orchid by The White Stripes

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#8 in top 25 most played songs. The video is Blue Orchid and Party of special things to do.   3

rexter42 11 Jan 2013

Jack White would fit seamlessly into this certified shaka #cheese classic...certainly one of the top ten sports flicks of all time Paul Newman has stated on many occasions that he had more fun making this film than on any other film he has starred in, and that it remains his favorite of his own films.   3

Shaka 13 Nov 2014

You got a reaction, didn't you?   2

malevolosidade 3 May 2014

You got a reaction, didn't you?

bbionic 20 Jun 2015

I was going through jammer's block, then I remembered about this classic.   7

Section42L 17 Jan 2014

For me the best White Stripes song EVER! Never fails to get me going.

TheJewkofIsrael 19 Nov 2014