Offend In Every Way by The White Stripes

“Continuing on with the b side. Let the debate continue.”

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Continuing on with the b side. Let the debate continue.   2

Bandoswb 3 May 2013

These lyrics have always deeply resonated with me – not to mention the slower jam style that you don't often hear from Jack, yet he totally rocks.

genius 19 May 2015

I'll speak until I break with every word I say offend in every way

gigakrad 17 Apr 2015

I just love it. Can't explain why!

darkskye 23 Jun 2015

I am pretty stuck on the white stripes lately. I always respected them a lot but somehow never got around to actually listening to them. I am not a smart man.

Bo7a 12 Feb 2015

I've lost my copy of White Blood Cells but still was able to listen to the album somehow. Chock full of great blues tunes; could have picked a handful but I settled on this gem

muttonchop 29 Oct 2014