Baba O'Riley by The Who


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Classic Who.

nottonmusic 30 Aug 2015

Here it is: #finaljam then. For no reason other than it always sounded great closing a DJ set. Many thanks to #TIMJ & all those who made it great. Hope to catch y'all in some other format soon. Craig (pocketbeatnik) signing out.   7

pocketbeatnik 25 Sep 2015

‘Who’s Next’ (the 5th studio album) bursts out the gates with ‘Baba O’Reilly’ and doesn’t stop until it’s interstellar. It could’ve been even bigger: Townsend originally intended to release it as a rock opera named ‘Lighthouse’, but eventually downscaled. What we got instead is a masterpiece that’s at once as concise and expansive as any rock record released in the era. ©NME (my personal top1000 of all times: )   37

dutchbeeblebrox 7 May 2015

Let’s go on with teenage something…

RLzicar 30 Nov 2011

@DavidAnderson has jammed 'Gimme Shelter' and in the comments there's mention of how great an intro it is. I whole heartedly agree. By coincidence (or is it great minds thinking alike ) the theme for this week's radio show is "The Intro...". I'll be playing my jam, Welcome To The Jungle, Arcade Fire's Wake Up (live at Glastonbury), The Sweet's Ballroom Blitz, and we'll start the show with Stevie Wonder's Superstition...I love a good intro ;)   13

cbinseoul 21 Sep 2015

Yep, I'm back! And to start off, here's an old favourite of mine. My second all time favourite song set against one of my all time favourite television series 'House MD'.   41

dutchbeeblebrox 17 Jul 2013