The Seeker by The Who

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The Who captured in their absolute pomp   4

GrahamDJohns 9 Jul 2015

Track, 1970

tedwilkinson 11 Jun 2015

My adaptation of Jack's Return Home kicks off with this number, tonight 11pm on Radio 4. Damn, I done a spam.   1

pez 28 Aug 2012

I'm not sure Pete Townshend is very fond of this one, but I personally really like it a lot, probably because it's the first song by The Who that I ever knew. I'm sure I had heard other songs by them on the radio or some other random place before, but if so I never paid much attention to them. Having this on Guitar Hero III though, and also Won't Get Fooled Again on Rock Band a little later, is what really started my interest in The Who and rock in general.

blynch5194 4 May 2015

I looked under chairs, I looked under tables!

Cheddies 9 Dec 2011

1970. I had a pal, David Smith (least that’s the name he told me, it could have been made up). Dave was an occasional rebel. I was not. On visiting his den at the back of the garden, I was unprepared for a visual feast of soft porn, but from sources unknown, he’d blagged some dog-eared magazines. Certainly smutty, all rather delightful. He decided we should ‘invest ‘ in some new stuff & although unsettled by the prospect, I concurred. He lost the toss...of a coin & hesitantly entered our hand-picked newsagent, emerging triumphant, seemingly hours later, with the ahem, goods, which we later pored over, with all the fervour of historians encountering the Magna Carta for the first time. Ah those innocent days of discovery, when a newsagent would dispense filth to a couple of minors, simply because it was on the shelf, to be sold. I’m therefore dedicating this magnificent ‘Orrible ‘Oo track to Dave (if indeed ‘twas his name). It’s a personal fave of mine. Here’s to ya’ Seeker…(of porn)...   91

21schizoid 26 Aug 2015