Chained by The xx


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but nhornik was first  

This just may be my fave of 2012. It's so hard to choose though!   2

denizenofdreams 31 Dec 2012

This was probably the only thing missing from @Primavera_Sound. A chilled come down set from #Thexx at 6am.

Deanways 9 Jun 2014

Only problem I have is, it's too short!   14

denizenofdreams 24 Sep 2012

let's chill....

eoinoriordan 6 Nov 2012

'We used to be closer than this...' In a very xx-y mood and this is my fave track off the new album right now.   1

CallumPetch 1 Oct 2012

First Angels, now this. Eagerly awaiting the release of Coexist.

nhornik 7 Aug 2012