Heart Skipped a Beat by The xx

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Heart skipped a beat And when I caught it you were out of reach But I'm sure, I'm sure You've heard it before

Airlondej 16 Feb 2014

This song is the total opposite of my mood in life right now, but I love it. It's beautiful.

jasperska 6 Feb 2014

"heart skipped a beat and when i caught it you were out of reach, but i'm sure, i'm sure you've heard it before." we get to see these beauties tomorrow!

BroadMajestic 29 Sep 2013

the flawless xx.   1

leah 8 Sep 2012

YAMVA. Coffe + Cigarettes

GrassSlippers 7 Jan 2015

probably my favorite xx song, wore the heck out of this one three summers ago

josh3 28 Aug 2013