The Way I Feel Inside by The Zombies

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but mufasamcphee was first  

Full band version that I'd never heard before. Makes it an entirely different song!   1

incunabula 3 May 2013

idk about the background, but i 'FEEL IT'

jamessbennet 26 Jan 2014

The first song I listened to after the birth of our little bundle of joy, ten years ago this week. Here's looking at you, kid.   1

stevefawcett 26 Apr 2015

If I feel that I could be certain then I would say the things I want to say tonight   1

kelseakatmarie 28 Aug 2014

Had to get this out of my system before I begin themed postings with my next jams (excited for those...)

dana_d 29 Dec 2013

I absolutely adore this song.   5

CamLangford 9 May 2013