Spazz (Elastik Band cover) by thebrotheregg

“Spazz was another bizarre song that came out in the late 60s by a group that had no other notoriety besides this song. I can't call the Elastik Band a one-hit wonder, since Spazz was never a hit. But it did become an underground classic. I was delighted to find this live performance of Spazz by a group called TheBrotherEgg (caps added). They stay pretty faithful to the original version. I love the go-go dancers that appear about halfway through. The sound quality here isn't perfect, but the performance deserves to be seen and the song heard. (Well, maybe that's debatable. Nonetheless, here's Spazz.)”

This jam is special! The first and only time it’s been posted was by Gil_Mensch in Sep 2015.