Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy

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Love Phil's vocals and they way this song transitions.

jasonseibert 13 Feb 2012

A series of Cowboy songs in honor of the rodeo, yee ha!

mwave 16 Feb 2015

This is a recommendation for the song, but even more so for the movie "The Kings of Summer". Great movie and kick ass soundtrack! :) Cowboy Song is one of the first songs played....

Murich 20 Oct 2013

Sometime in the next few centuries, as a grateful nation mourns my heroic, tragic passing, let it be on public record that I want this song played as my ashes are shot into space and the carving of my visage is unveiled on the Moon.

SchorkWeek 21 Apr 2015

just try and stop me   4

dataisplural 8 Apr 2015

Phil Lynott is one of the best rock lyricists IMO.   2

jamiecater 25 Jul 2012