A Three-Legged Workhorse by This Will Destroy You


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Forcefully chill

ferreous 29 Mar 2013

This is on my working playlist for something I am (hopelessly, falteringly and with little success) trying to draw, mostly as a pun because I cannot fucking draw horses. But it came up just now and I am no good for working for the duration because all I can think about is that agonising pacing and then the loud bit and I don't think I'd really heard it since 2007 but god it is really, really good. Good enough to topple Tegan and Sara for jam-status.

piratemoggy 13 Nov 2013

post rock is best rock

chan 25 Apr 2015

Stunning opener to an album.

inviolet 26 Sep 2013

Can't quite believe I've only just stumbled across This Will Destroy You.

williamleeks 6 Nov 2013