Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins

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so my jam this week just popped up on my iTunes today out of nowhere and i hadn't heard it for ages so i thought i would share it with you. Have a happy week everyone!   8

Tarin_Teague 22 Feb 2015

An image of you and of me and we're laughing we're loving it all.   3

Pinklilycat 13 Dec 2012

#bandnameorigins numero dos... so far I have discovered that some bands just made up their names based on getting high (Green Day) asked a Ouija board (cheap Trick) or used combinations of member names or threw a dart at a map...not all stories are as interesting as the names. I decided to use The Thompson twins for my number 2 pick. Based on two bumbling detectives from the Belgian comic strip The Adventures of Tin Tin. Clips below...   24

SheRa 22 May 2015

Got to see Tom Bailey over the weekend, and he did a pretty great show. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact it's been *30 years* since I saw Thompson Twins on the "Into The Gap" tour. Tom's gone a lot grayer than I have, though. :)   4

BoringPostcards 26 Aug 2014

At some point my brain decided that the ultimate way I want to be wooed, is for someone to declare their undying love to me whilst this plays in the background. Yes, it appears that I still want my life to be a Brat Pack movie.   1

essaelbosch 11 Jan 2015

Bloody love this. (Alex Sadkin on the buttons) : )

GiveUpArt 3 May 2012