Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins

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#bandnameorigins numero dos... so far I have discovered that some bands just made up their names based on getting high (Green Day) asked a Ouija board (cheap Trick) or used combinations of member names or threw a dart at a map...not all stories are as interesting as the names. I decided to use The Thompson twins for my number 2 pick. Based on two bumbling detectives from the Belgian comic strip The Adventures of Tin Tin. Clips below...   24

SheRa 22 May 2015

Bloody love this. (Alex Sadkin on the buttons) : )

GiveUpArt 3 May 2012

so my jam this week just popped up on my iTunes today out of nowhere and i hadn't heard it for ages so i thought i would share it with you. Have a happy week everyone!   8

Tarin_Teague 22 Feb 2015

At some point my brain decided that the ultimate way I want to be wooed, is for someone to declare their undying love to me whilst this plays in the background. Yes, it appears that I still want my life to be a Brat Pack movie.   1

essaelbosch 11 Jan 2015

An image of you and of me and we're laughing we're loving it all.   3

Pinklilycat 13 Dec 2012

Got to see Tom Bailey over the weekend, and he did a pretty great show. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact it's been *30 years* since I saw Thompson Twins on the "Into The Gap" tour. Tom's gone a lot grayer than I have, though. :)   4

BoringPostcards 26 Aug 2014