Them Changes by Thundercat

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Good old #thundercat great on a gloomy day. From his new EP 'The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam' #psychedelic #funk

peter_d_henry 13 Aug 2015

bass fun, for this #funkyfriday

Parleone 28 Aug 2015

Great song. There's an interesting breakdown of how it was composed on a recent episode of Song Exploder, if you dig it and have about 10 minutes to listen:   1

alexheadrick 3 Aug 2015

Love me some Thundercat

simonwillsher 18 Jun 2015

No body move. But do.

MVDellarocca 17 Aug 2015

I think it's funny how, even after all the 2015 releases I've listened to so far, one of my favorite albums of this year is a 16-minute "mini-LP" that was announced only days before its release. Despite its underwhelming length, the quality featured on each track is unsurpassed, including this surreal slice of jazz-funk. As a whole, the album is smooth, introspective, organic, and I want more of it.   4

Enish 22 Jun 2015