Beat the Drum Slowly by Timber Timbre

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Animated by Chad Vangaalen Taken from the new album "Hot Dreams". #timbertimbre #chadvangaalen

spaceoddities 6 Apr 2014

Animated by Chad VanGaalen, what a guy he is!

bossmoss 20 Apr 2014

Albums of the year so far: Timber Timbre, Thus:Owls, Thee Silver Mt Zion.  Oh Canada...   4

thisismymistake 5 Apr 2014

I'm predictable.   2

amortentia 3 Apr 2014

Soundtrack to a Sunday afternoon spent writing my annual activity report...   1

smgrimes 26 Apr 2015

Slowly sinking in, deeper and deeper...   1

Gummi 10 Apr 2014