Proud Mary Live 2009 by Tina Turner

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but andersmansson was first  

I think she was 70 here!   1

ulittletwit 9 Dec 2014

How old is Tina turner now ?   5

caroline1216 25 May 2013

Need livening up today and this one does the trick! #rollin'

louisedenvir 7 Aug 2013

I just love her

JenniferMonnet 13 May 2015

-------HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THIS WOMAN--------how much is there...bit showy for TIMJ,,,,performance justifies it,,,,,its big ,,its brash,,its miss tina   29

kingofmen 28 Oct 2014

Tina first recorded this John Fogerty (CCR) written song in 1970 with her ex-husband (Ike). Fast forward about 40 years and Tennessee Tina shows no sign of slowing down in her 70's! Half way through this performance it gets much faster. Enjoy!

mactargoe 15 Feb 2014