Million by Tink

culturalfatwa’s jam on 18 Jun ’15 and then once after that (See all)


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culturalfatwa 18 Jun 2015

While I'm thinking of about 20 summers ago, here's a spiritual descendant of Aaliyah's. There's nothing wrong with trying to capture what Aaliyah made look effortless, and Timbaland has to do something with his free time. One thing lacking from (duller) pop these days is drama: the sense of really inhabiting a character and expressing a range of emotions. For the first I'm hearing from Tink, she seems to have an innate understanding of that act.

dnord 10 Jun 2015


culturalfatwa 18 Jun 2015

Sleeper hits and all that. On the way back to prove doubters wrong. All about tunes innit?

LewJam 15 Nov 2012

The OTHER song of summer (I've already killed 'I can't feel my face' by the Weeknd)

CarollCasbeer 13 Jul 2015