Couldn't I Just Tell You by Todd Rundgren

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I've been both busy lately and haven't really had anything worth jamming. I'm getting back on my feet, though. Here's a power pop gem for you all.   3

TheNintenGenius 26 Jul 2013

How Pop Songs *should* be. One of the best tunes from pretty much Todd's best album (my opinion ... ). But couldn't I just tell you the way I feel? I can't keep it bottled up inside And could we pretend that it's no big deal And there's really nothing left to hide?   1

Scott85730 13 Jun 2015

And just as Jacqueline Maillan would have said : "Excusez-moi mais lorsque l'on est énervé, ça soulage".

OncleRRRouliane 13 Sep 2015

#powerpop   2

nialbriody 24 Feb 2014