I Saw The Light by Todd Rundgren

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...in your eyes

gregthehero 22 Dec 2011

Great track from an album I still play an awful lot...   9

newley 5 Jan 2013

This has been on my internal jukebox for ages - thought I'd exorcise it . . .   38

lindatee 18 Sep 2013

Got to have a bit o' Todd after a naice sunny day..

DangerousDavies 13 May 2015

Who could not luv this, it's a gem and a classic! With thanks to @NintenGenius for reminding me about Todd. :)   2

Phyl 27 Jul 2013

There is much Todd Rundgren, but this is 1972 whence many things began, and I liked it then while it was played at our wedding reception, and nostalgia allows me to like it just as much today. #HopeYouLikeItToo   15

jovisgoesnuts 23 Jul 2014