Johnny and Mary (feat Bryan Ferry) by Todd Terje

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but bwhitman was first  

Robert Palmer's 1980 hit comes around again. This is a beautifully reworked rendition of the ubiquitous vocal sample by Bryan Ferry. You might imagine it as the closing title track to a gutsy 'turn-around-and-don't-look-back' tale.   2

celinenotdion 9 Aug 2015

We're getting pretty excited about 'It's Album Time' over here at the Jam Factory. Come on, April 8! Hurry up!   1

TeamJamPicks 26 Mar 2014

Heard it on the radio the other day, became an instant favourite

imm 29 May 2015

Running around, running around!♫

fanneth 21 Apr 2015

Okay, this is my jam too guys.   6

Han 21 Apr 2014

"..always running around, trying to find certainty."

sparrow47 3 Aug 2015