Wordy Rappinghood by Tom Tom Club

“Words that write the book I like.”

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Words that write the book I like.   3

OnlySimonLucas 14 Jun 2015

Best, most clever rap song ever I think. Incorporates all the things I most like facetiously #80stheory #frenchfeminism #whitegirlrap

Adarene 13 Sep 2014


weequizzie 20 Oct 2014

in praise of the 1000 comments my Jams have attracted.   11

d0minic 15 Jan 2013

a strange little tune that was quite catchy when released to the general masses....   1

totty01843 25 Jul 2015

"It's okay, I've understood. This is the Wordy Rappinghood" Hello again TIMJ ;-)   4

olivier1 3 Oct 2014