Better Off Without A Wife by Tom Waits

“woe to the betrothed.... ha”

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woe to the betrothed.... ha   9

MarcelVonpure 12 May 2013

Tom Waits. 'Nuff said.

helva834 21 Jun 2013

That Tom Waits sure needs a hug, you guys.

andyorin 22 Aug 2012

W is for Waits, Tom. This was the first Tom Waits song I ever heard. This track comes to us from the PBS Soundstage in Chicago, Illinois, 1975. (Another live version of this can be found on the double album Nighthawks At The Diner which was released in 1975.)   1

AheadByEcho 22 Sep 2015

i totally agree ....better off without a husband....   7

lynn200 17 Feb 2013