Hold On by Tom Waits


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No one has a voice like Tom Waits except maybe Steinbeck...

Domino911 7 Dec 2014

Let's go out on the best song.   1

MisterMcLaren 25 Sep 2015

Wistful song for a grey day

unalmas 23 Nov 2011

From tonight's Walking Dead episode.   4

melvillean 25 Feb 2013

By a 99 cent store she closed her eyes And started swaying But it's so hard to dance that way When it's cold and there's no music Well your old hometown is so far away But, inside your head there's a record That's playing, a song called Hold on, hold on You really got to hold on Take my hand, I'm standing right here And just hold on.

KennethPedersen 8 Apr 2015


stiofandafyyd 28 Aug 2015