Jockey Full of Bourbon by Tom Waits


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Rain Dogs is such an amazing album. This is one of my favorites from it.   2

fladriss 7 Jul 2015

The live version against the studio version is the Discs versus the Wands, and I am he as you are she and we are all in My Song. This is all I know.

batmasterson 25 Jun 2014

Not enough songs with whipcracks. That is all.

mattahinton 26 Jan 2015

I've no idea what's going on in the video, so ignore that and enjoy the awesome song.   5

jamiecater 22 Jun 2013

My Top 10 Albums of All-Time ~ 5. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs (1985) ~ From the very first bars of "Singapore," Rain Dogs transports the listener to another time and place -- one where bizarre and dejected figures strike impressionistic poses in a dank and drunken haze. What makes Waits brilliant is his ability to sympathize with these grotesque characters, to show the world their souls - their love and their pain - while inviting the listener to sympathize too. Harrowing ballads gather alongside boozy blues and carnival cabarets, bringing to life those dejected and unwanted vagabonds whom we typically prefer not to see. Rain Dogs is much more than a mere musical endeavor - it is a humanistic one.   9

btener 7 Sep 2014

Steppin' on the Devil's tail.   1

Earology 8 Jun 2015