Take One Last Look by Tom Waits


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Tom Waits debuts a new tune on Letterman. Bon Voyage Dave, it's been a pleasure!

3LeggedDawg 15 May 2015

The unique, sublime, beautiful Tom Waits said goodbye to David Letterman with this stunning new song last week. #Magic   14

BertrandRustles 23 May 2015

My #FinalJam could only be this, possibly the greatest goodbye song ever written. Longing and sorrowful while looking forward to what's next. Perfect for this occasion. The lyrics are so beautiful...   88

BertrandRustles 23 Sep 2015

Spent the day in a moving truck. The night, under a tornado warning, with the best bottle of wine in the house. Last time we did that was during Sandy. Guess it's true what they say about the weather.

chriskitchin 24 May 2015

Let's watch the sun come up in another town ...   21

pez 16 Aug 2015

Tom Waits performed a new song on the David Letterman Show last week. Goosebumps.

aldusd 17 May 2015