Funky Cold Medina by Tone Loc

“Not really sure why I thought of this, but I now have it on loop”

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Not really sure why I thought of this, but I now have it on loop

adamloudon 9 Nov 2012

In the video, Ton Loc demystifies the "funky cold medina" when he points to a bottle of Absolut Vodka. Though the concept of a "funky cold medina" is generally a drink - not just pure vodka. It's made by pouring one oz respectively of Absolut Vodka, Southern Comfort and Blue Curaçao over ice and topped of with cranberry juice. - Urban Dictionary

JonnyYeah 24 Nov 2014

The song title refers to a fictional aphrodisiac (described as a love potion), which is presented in the accompanying video as a steaming potion. The lyrics tell the tale of Lōc's initially unsuccessful attempts to attract women at a bar. At the suggestion of another patron, he plies his intended with "that medina thing." He first tests the drink on his dog, who immediately latches onto his leg and attempts to arouse himself sexually, and subsequently experiences increased popularity among his canine contemporaries. Lōc's subsequent attempts to use the drug backfire on him; first he targets a transvestite, and then a woman who becomes immediately intent on marriage (recounting his experiences on the game show Love Connection). In the end, Lōc concludes the concoction is simply not worth the trouble (and the video shows him regretfully emptying the bottle into a storm drain). #DogWeek #FunkyFriday #cheese   5

Shaka 24 Oct 2014

Dr Huxtable's theme

adamgalanter 9 Jul 2015

I asked the guy, "Why you so fly?" He said...

wilbur101 17 Apr 2015

As requested by @AlicejustMay, #drinkjam!  #ThinkDrink   38

MsSue 16 May 2013