Eulogy by Tool

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Dalek 30 Aug 2015

Everything Tool does is amazing. It's been far too long, they need to put something out soon.   1

Ericbforpres 31 Mar 2013

Standing above the crowd, He had a voice that was strong and loud.

KennethPedersen 6 Jul 2015

I think this song basically epitomizes what Tool is to me. It shows their many different styles, and as always the lyrics are phenomenal!   1

erdubya 5 May 2014

My desert island disc, 17 years gone and still as fresh and intriguing as the first listen. The musical artistry of light and shade. The lyrical mastery depicting our desperate quest for meaning and our inevitable disillusionment by false prophets.   6

insigfigs 2 Dec 2013