Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos


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remember these days well don't you Clare!!!!!!!   1

JudeSharpin1966 8 May 2012

have had this whole album in my head all week, played it twice straight through sans guy I live with's approval. :b this and "mother" were always my favorite. it's still a hard record to revisit because of the memories of transitioning out of girlhood to adulthood it dredges up, which is a compliment.   1

ifjuly 14 Jul 2014

Flashback Friday - I sometimes forget about how much power there is in really early Tori ...   2

jennitalula 20 Mar 2015

Feel a little like ripping something (or someone) to pieces this morning--I'll probably get over it :)

dektarr 22 Oct 2012